burned out

How To Overcome Feeling Stuck or Burned out? Take a Pause and Step Back

Are you feeling stuck or burned out?

burned out

Today I want to share with you an excerpt from my book “Just Be Inspired.” I speak about the importance of stepping back when you start feeling stuck or burned out.

“Make a pause now and then, step back and enjoy your creation. Take your time to be silent and listen to the angels sing.

There is something precious about stepping back. When we step back, we get a clearer perspective of the whole. Every part of the composition will let you know precisely why it is there. As a painter, when I step back, I find it easier to observe and find mistakes. I can tell what belongs to my painting and what doesn’t. I tend to paint big canvases. I need to step back, look in the mirror from a distance. And how much beauty there is in the distance!

In real life, things work the same way. We need to allow that pause. We need to remember the whole, the big picture, the composition. We need to realize why we started doing what we are doing in the first place. When we work on our creations up close, we are listening to our hearts. Our inspiration guides us. Choosing colors, brush strokes, intensity, light, shadow, bright, dark. Every choice we do follows that beautiful, divine inspiration. Something magnificent happens when we step back and take the time to be silent. We get to observe and enjoy, without criticism.

Have you ever cried of joy after finishing one of your works? I have too. After I finish an artwork, I take a while of silent meditation in front of it. Whether it’s a painting, sculpture, exhibition, or article, I can hear music; I can listen to the universe, like a song of joy in my heart. There it is—another manifestation of the creative spirit. Of universal love, a fruit of the soul. For a moment, someone connected with the divine. And the fruit of that connection is that canvas, sculpture, or book. What a marvelous moment that is, when the angels sing.”

Viviana Puello

(An excerpt from my book “Just Be Inspired” )

Meet Viviana

“I believe in the power of art as a catalyst for social change, and this was the thought that inspired me to create ArtTour International eleven years ago. It is the same idea that continues to move me today. Our goal is to help artists share their messages in order to create a positive impact that will elevate global consciousness. By giving these visionaries a voice, we open a dialog that brings international communities together. Currently, we have a platform that reaches over two million readers in two hundred and five countries. I view this platform as an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of humanity.”

Viviana is the Founder of ArtTour International, a multi-media platform promoting artists. With an audience of 10 million viewers, ArtTour International is a leader in the industry. Viviana has helped hundreds of artists advance their careers with successful marketing strategies. Viviana has redefined the way to market art with her creative approach.

She is an artist, writer, curator, film maker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and unstoppable manifester dedicated to helping you build the creative career of your dreams.

Viviana’s ‘everything is possible’ attitude, transforms the belief system of her students. She empowers artists to take action, manifest their dreams and achieve their goals.

Take a leap that will bring you to that next level you want to reach.

"Just Be Inspired"

A book by Viviana Puello. 


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