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The Winner’s Journey Podcast uncovers the secret behind the success stories! Be inspired by top figures, CEO’s, and celebrities who share their life journey with us. Viviana Puello discusses with her guests their inspiring stories, the secrets behind their brands, and what it took them to get there. A podcast to unleash the winner in you!

BE A GUEST IN THE WINNER’S JOURNEY PODCAST! Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and artists are welcome to submit requests for one-on-one interviews with Viviana Puello. Each interview lasts 30 minutes and is pre-recorded.  The  video interview is broadcast on the ArtTour International TV Show, which airs every Thursday at 5:30 pm on MNN-HD Spectrum 1993 in New York City and via Livestream worldwide.

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The ArtTour International Show offers life-changing exposure to creative entrepreneurs, celebrities, and artists with a fantastic audience of 10 million viewers every week.

Awarded with the Public Media Awards Of Excellence in New York in 2018 and 2019 consecutively, this weekly half-hour series is hosted by acclaimed art personality Viviana Puello, ArtTour International Magazine’s Founder and CEO, and a producer for Manhattan Neighborhood Networks Television.


Get a one on one interview with award-winning artist, writer, entrepreneur, and coach, Viviana Puello, Founder/CEO of ArtTour International.  Share your success story, inspire our audience and build the authority you need to skyrocket your career and expand grow your business.

If you’re looking for the right platform to announce your next launch or release, or if you want to share your story to promote your brand, book your interview today and enjoy an exciting audience of CEO’s, Creative Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and Artists from around the globe.

Overcoming Obstacles

Most recently featured as one of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in 2020 by New York Weekly, Viviana Puello is an award-winning artist, writer, entrepreneur, Art Business Expert and coach, Founder/CEO of ArtTour International—a revolutionary multimedia platform dedicated to promoting artists worldwide.

The platform expands to include print and digital publications, an award-winning TV show, international events, and more! It now serves talented people from more than 205 countries and reaches an audience of 10 million viewers worldwide. Viviana has been featured on CBS News, Medium, ABC, Fox, The NY Weekly, The Washington Post, LA Wire, NY Wire, The American Reporter, among others. 



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