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Be Your Own Success Coach.

Be Your Own Success Coach

Be Your Own Success Coach and Skyrocket Your Results in Life.

Did you know you were born with all the information you need to succeed? Yes, it is there, rooted deep within your heart. When you open your ears to that little voice inside, you will discover a world of information and guidance tailored to meet your every need.

You don’t have to have a personal trainer to get in great shape. You also don’t need an expensive life coach to take your life to a new level. A lack of funds doesn’t have to stop you from being your own coach.

It’s nice to have an expert on your side, but you can become your own expert. Just putting your attention on making positive changes in your life can make a big difference in the results you experience.

Try these techniques to take control and coach yourself to success:

1. Get rid of all the little things in your life that annoy you. Get the rattle on your car fixed. Get rid of that uncomfortable pair of shoes. Make that phone call you’ve been avoiding. All of these little annoyances take up a lot of valuable space in your brain. They’re distracting and drain your energy.

● If you’re not sure where to start, this is a great place. Everyone can benefit from this important step. Ask yourself what you’ve been tolerating in your life and get busy addressing those things.

2. Take excellent care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep. Engage in activities that you enjoy. Use healthy methods of dealing with stress. Treat yourself the way you would treat someone you love.

3. Identify your mistakes. It doesn’t help to keep putting water into a swimming pool that has a big hole in it. You can set big goals and take bold action, but if you’re making big mistakes, you’re not going to get very far.

● Take an objective and honest look at your life. How did you end up in your current situation? What are the biggest mistakes you’ve made? What are the mistakes you make over and over again that are impeding your life and your progress?

4. Simplify. A complicated life is much harder to change. There’s too much going on, and a complicated life takes up a lot of your time and energy. A simple life is more satisfying and easier to improve.

● Get rid of items you don’t need.
● Get rid of unnecessary bills.
● Minimize your social obligations.
● Let go of negative or parasitic friends.
● Simplify every part of your life.

5. Deal with your debt. No one likes debt. It’s just not very satisfying to write a check for something you already have or had. Debt is expensive and can be a huge drag on your finances for a long time. Create a plan for dealing with your financial debt.

6. Have something to look forward to each day. Give yourself a bright spot to look forward to each day. It could be a coffee after work, a walk in the park, or an hour with your favorite show. When you wake up in the morning, you should already have something to look forward to.

7. Be clear on what you wish to accomplish. What changes do you want to make in your life? It’s one thing to know that you’re dissatisfied with your life. It’s another to have a clear picture of what you actually want your life to look like.

8. Take action daily. Take action toward creating the changes you desire. At the end of each day, you should be satisfied that you did something to make your life better in the future.

● You don’t have to build a wall in a day. One, well-laid brick each day is enough. Have a plan and execute it as well as you can.

You can coach yourself to success. Start where you are and determine the life you want to live. Address all the annoyances in your life and simplify as much as possible. Create a clear image of the life you want to live and take daily action toward making that image a reality. You might find that you don’t need an expensive life coach after all. Enjoy every minute of your journey and don’t forget to stay inspired.

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By Viviana Puello

By Viviana Puello

Viviana is a Colombo-American artist, writer, entrepreneur, Art Business Expert, and Advocate for the arts. Most recently featured as one of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in 2020 by New York Weekly, Viviana Puello is a the Founder/CEO of ArtTour International—a revolutionary multimedia platform dedicated to promoting artists worldwide. As CEO, she has expanded the platform to include print and digital publications, an award-winning TV show, international events, and more! It now serves talented people from more than 205 countries.

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