Viviana Puello

I help creative entrepreneurs make a living doing what they love without compromising their message so that they can fulfill their dreams.

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I’m Viviana Puello

An artist, writer, curator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and unstoppable manifester dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs advance their careers, grow their business and scale the ever-competitive international art scene so that they can make a living doing what they love.

This is your moment in time, your best life is waiting at the other side of your fears.


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Vivid Arts Elite Circle

Here’s why the

Vivid Arts Elite Circle Is:
The best thing that will happen to YOUR ART CAREER

Viviana here…

For the past 25 years, I’ve grown my own business and helped many artists entrepreneurs scale their businesses.

My more profound mission is now to help artists build a WINNING BUSINESS!!!!
  • An art career that will enable you to have more income and impact.
  • An art career that will position you to become a top collected artist.
  • An art career that will change more lives with your message and inspire more people through our artworks.
     We all know that the lives we want and the relationships we want are all fueled by the businesses we run.

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    Viviana Puello

    Viviana was selected by New York Weekly as one of the

    Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of 2020

    Featured also on CBS, Medium, ABC, Fox News, The New York Weekly, The Washington Post, LA Wire, NY Wire, and The American Reporter.


    Viviana is an award-winning TV Producer, and Host of the series “The ArtTour International Show” on MNN-Spectrum 1993.

    Viviana is a certified producer for Manhattan Neigborhood Network, and creator of the “ArtTour International Show,” a television series that’s traveled to more than 50 cities worlwide to support artists and help emerging art organizations. The show has received the Public Media Awards of Excellence two years in a row, 2018 and 2019.

    The “ArtTour International,” on its 16th season now, reaches over ten million viewers every Thursday at 5:30 pm through MNN-HD Spectrum 1993 in the city of New York.

    Click below and watch some of our favorite episodes in our Youtube channel

    Winner's Image Podcast


    The Winner’s Journey Podcast uncovers the secret behind the success stories! Be inspired by top figures, CEO’s, and celebrities who share their life journey with us. Viviana Puello discusses with her guests their inspiring stories, the secrets behind their brands, and what it took them to get there. A podcast to unleash the winner in you!

    Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and artists are welcome to submit requests for one-on-one interviews with Viviana

    Join Viviana’s Private Coaching Group

    Welcome to my Private Coaching Area. If you’re serious about growing your creative business… without getting burn out and also while staying true to yourself . . .

    Let’s chat about how you can overcome the challenges of being an art entrepreneur and show you how to make money while maintaining your authenticity and uniqueness.

    Take a leap that will bring you to that next level you want to reach.

    Are you ready to experience more freedom of time, increased sales, and impact the global audience with your art?

    Learn more about my private coaching sessions. Click below to request a free consultation for more information.

    Viviana Puello
    viviana puello


    Inspiring and Engaging!

    Viviana is an inspirational speaker who encourages the audience with hopes for transformation. Viviana shares her success story with a message of positivism, keeping the audience engaged and sharing strategies that inspire people to act.

    A top figure in the art world with a following in 205 countries, Viviana has been listed among the Top 20 People to Follow on Instagram in 2020 by New York Weekly.


    Is Viviana fit for your event?

    viviana puello

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