Winner’s Journey

Join me in my 8-week transformative coaching program for creative hearts “A Winner’s Journey”

You know it . . . 

You’re reading this because you know you’re ready for a new journey and want to take steps to move forward. There is a powerful being in you who won all the battles, overcame all the challenges, and conquer all your dreams; that version of you is ready to come forth. Over the past years, I’ve helped hundreds of mentees tune in to that powerful being, gain self-confidence, and create breakthroughs. It has been a life-changing experience for many of them.

You might be ready to move forward but need clarity on an action plan that aligns with your spiritual journey. Maybe you feel stuck. Or perhaps you’re doing great, but you know deep in your gut that there’s a higher and more fulfilling way of doing things, of living life, of conducting a business. Whatever your situation might be, the work we do during these eight transformational weeks helps you find your voice and fulfill your highest purpose now.

Because You Have a Message to Share…And the World Needs To Hear Your Message Now More Than Ever.

A Unique Coaching Program

winner's journey

A Transformational Experience

This program is unique because it offers a personal experience, 

You’ll participate in guided meditation sessions and powerful exercises, and lessons that will open up your eyes to the beauty within you and the wonders this universe has in store for you.

This is an intensive time to submerge ourselves in deep waters, to listen to the spirit, to hear our inner voice, and tap into a field of unlimited possibilities.

A Wholistic Program

My approach is holistic and firm in the belief that the way to success lies in being able to recognize our greatness. To do so, you need to take time to connect to your inner voice, maintain a healthy lifestyle so that your body responds to your needs, give your brain knowledge and experience, and to reset the image you have of yourself in your mind.

Everything you do (or don’t do) in your life results from your self- image and self-imposed limitations. It is not enough to learn the latest marketing strategies or the best sales pitches, if you don’t change your self-image and belief system.

This eight weeks of full commitment will get you started down a new path, with a renewed consciousness and a clear idea of the steps you need to take in order to build the life you love.  Is not enough with surviving, you’re here to thrive.

A Spiritual Journey

This is your moment to stop playing small and flirt with old patterns and limitations. You’re here to rise. Why take small steps if you can take quantum leaps?

This is your moment to stop playing small and being content and flirt with old patterns and limitations. You’re here to rise, to manifest and awaken. Why take small steps if you can take quantum leaps?

That which will bring that breakthrough you’ve been waiting for is nowhere outside of yourself; it’s all in you. Let’s set it free.  Remember who you are . . .

This journey is not something that I’m offering you, this journey is something you asked the universe for. This program is a response to your wants, needs and desires.

Business Guidance

We will review your creative business and find weak points, challenges and, focus on overcoming obstacles and help you get to the other side. After twenty-five years, three organizations, and an international platform that expands to over ten million viewers, I have learned valuable lessons  that I can share with you to help you create the profitable business you deserve.

Time to take off the veil from your eyes! You can create a beautiful reality. Everything is in place; time is right; space is perfect; we’re only waiting for YOU.

Let’s do this now, listen to that voice within you and take that bold step.

What You Will Discover with This Coaching Program


At the beginning of this program, we will focus on you: your belief system, purpose, vision, and goals so that we set you up for success in the rest of the program.

During this phase we will review lifestyle choices, boundaries, time-management, self-discipline, goal setting strategies, habits, routine, diet, excersice, and life detox tips. We will discover how you have self-sabotage in the past and how to overcome obstacles so that you go through the whole program with maximum awareness.


Your higher self is sending constant messages to you about who you are and your beautiful attributes. Those messages are meant to guide you, give you confidence, help you reach goals and dreams, and ultimately fulfill your purpose. Unfortunately, most of us have learned to silence that voice. Sometimes life experiences of abuse or neglect cause us to define an image of ourselves that falls short of our divine image. This phase will help you let go once and for all of that image created by your ego and open your consciousness to see your higher self.


This workshop is for artists, and we cannot let your artistic career out of the radar. Artists are made of something different lol for us, our art is our purpose, not just our livelihood. But, can you create a successful business with your passion?

This phase will help you establish strategies that will help you succeed. Find out what are the most common errors creative entrepreneurs make and avoid them. To create a profitable business in the art industry, you need the right tools, great strategy,  and the right mindset.


Mon February 1st 8:00 to 9:00 AM.

Thursday February 4th 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Warming Up. A spiritual journey of healing. We will meet To work on establishing a morning routing that is most helpful for your success, This week is all about lifting your spirits and sharing healing energy so that you feel good about beginning your journey. I will record my morning session, and if you cannot make it, you can follow me in the video replay.


Each phase lasts two weeks and is split into three teachings. You will receive a workbook to guide you and help you with the process. At the end of each phase, we will review lessons learned and implemented.

Mondays 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Weekly Webinar with a lesson. At the end of the Webinar, we will meet for a Q&A Session and worksheet.

Thursdays 2:00 – 3:00 PM.

Weekly review with Q&A and Goal Planning Session for the following week.

Optional: Guided meditation sessions in the morning will continue during the week. If you cannot join you can always get the recorded session.


Monday 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Thusrday 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Implementation week, review, year’s plan review, and graduation.

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Here’s some cool stuff that has been said about me 🙂

“Viviana Puello, with her company, proves that art serves a more significant function than recreation. It’s also a transformational medium that can help push initiatives for positive change forward”.  

Kivo Daily

“Viviana continues to pursue her purpose . . . her platform remains to become an avenue for creating a strong force based on mutual trust, respect, and a vision to amplify the voices of artists worldwide.” 

New York Weekly

“Viviana is a staunch advocate for art activism . . . she strives for her platform to be an avenue for harmonic cultural exchanges that inspire viewers, readers, and audiences to choose peace.”


“Through her platforms and projects, Viviana strengthens artist-activists by giving them a voice and stage to share messages that people need to hear”.

Fox News

“I’m blessed to work and have the amazing support of Viviana Puello and her team.  They have gone far more than that extra mile to help me grow my career.  Thanks for being there for me. God Bless”.

Gloria Keh


“A dream come true! It’s an honor to be associated with Viviana and her team.  Viviana is motivated to engaged with. Her purpose to release artists into their destinies is extraordinary!”

Claire Page


viviana puello

Viviana was recently selected by the New York Weekly as one of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in 2020.

Viviana Puello is an award-winning artist, writer, entrepreneur, activist, and coach, Founder/CEO of ArtTour International—a revolutionary multimedia platform dedicated to promoting artists worldwide. The platform includes print and digital publications, an award-winning TV show, and more! 

After two decades of working as an independent artist and curator and seeing the struggles and hardships that many artists face within the art industry, Puello decided to use her knowledge to help others.

Viviana is an inspirational speaker who encourages the audience with hopes for transformation.

Viviana is the founder of “Artists For A Green Planet” and “Create4Peace,” assisting artist-activists in finding a voice.  Her environmental efforts were rewarded when she obtained the First Time Director and Top Documentary Awards for her documentary Kintsugi: The Line of Destiny. The stunning film aims to encourage audiences to choose an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Viviana Puello has been featured on CBS News, Medium, ABC, Fox, The NY Weekly, The Washington Post, LA Wire, NY Wire, The American Reporter, Venezuela TV, Brazil TV, Toscana Cultura, and Incontri con L’Arte in Italy, among others.