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This section features bonuses, resources, and gifts to help and support you on this journey.

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You will realize that you will see more resources in this section as time goes by since we will keep uploading them throughout the entire year. These resources are my gift to you, and they are guarantee to make your life easier and help you maximize what you will be learning in this program.


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Vivid Arts Elite Circle program is for any creative entrepreneur, an artist who wants to take their career to the next level and build a worldwide audience.

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You will get access to the complete program module in terms of courses, bonuses, and resources to help you in this journey.

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To rest your membership account password, please visit My Account page and follow the written instruction.

When you silence the noise around and take time to reconnect with your inner self, you open your eyes to the power within, and your true colors come out. Like a cocoon opening up to a butterfly, your magnificence emerges and your world and everything in it changes.

– Viviana Puello


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